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About Us

Phoenix Dawn, LLC and Aether Reiki, Pagan Ceremonies and Celebrations are the heart children of Phoenix Viriditas, Aether Dawn, and Knight, who have been nearly life-long friends. This triumvirate came together and created Phoenix Dawn, our neo-pagan and gothic superstore for all things witchy, bitchy, and more. Together, we bring our community into harmony, fostering creativity, encouraging growth and joy in others. Our mission is to reduce waste, reuse those things that can be reused, and support other local small businesses in our home state of Florida

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Our Mission

Here at Phoenix Dawn, our mission is to promote heathen/pagan visibility, acceptance and understanding by the general public and even within different pagan or heathen orders.


To do that, we intend to press onward and upward into the mainstream where we are able, supporting and uplifting our own community of locally owned and operated businesses and singular pagan artisans. We intend to make the products we create ourselves from ecologically responsible and sustainable practices, wherever possible.


We believe that all beings are created equal and it is our mission to love those who, like ourselves, are perfectly imperfect. We believe in love and light, but we also believe in truth and darkness, and these concepts are at the core of our values.

Our Vision

At Phoenix Dawn, our vision is a world where witches no longer have to hide in the broom closet. Where being a pagan is as accepted as being Catholic, Buddhist, Christian or any other faith.


We envision a world where we embrace all with tolerance and love, and where we as a global community work together to care for Mother Earth by creating goods using pre-loved items and recycling or repurposing them, so they can continue their usefulness. We would rather reuse, repurpose or recycle wherever possible than to discard.


We intend to partner with local artisans to inspire greater creativity within our local community and to support local businesses. In these ways, we intend to leave the Earth a better place than we found it.



Our services range from Handfastings, Weddings, and Memorials to Reiki services including healings, teachings, and attunements. We also offer a myriad of other services such as birth blessings, Faerie Forest walks, Children's reading circles, birthday parties and classes. 

Alexa Young, FL

"I'm happy i made use of phoenix dawn service for my daughter 16th birthday. would highly recommend"


Don Francis, FL

"Phoenix Dawn's Reiki service are top notch, will use their services again"

Lisa Driver, FL

"They performed my brothers handfasting program, looking forward to hiring them for my wedding soon"

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